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Instructions For Use

We hope you enjoy the new look feel and function of our website! Below are some quick start tips to get you started. You should find the site intuitive and find what you need easily. These instructions will give you comfort walking through the steps for the first time. 

Begin By Going to http://www.advancedresearchtechnologies.com (Your Already There) The first thing to accomplish is to use the "TEST PAGE" Link at the top in the dark navigation bar to see if you are able to view video with your current configuration, You will see a short Windows Media test clip of some race cars and be entered into a chat room.  If this is successful then continue, if not try FAQs or using the "SUPPORT" page options to text / email / call us for help.

For this site to work correctly, you will need to enable Pop-Up windows, JavaScript, and allow the Windows Media Player Plug in.  Various systems produce various warnings usually only once but they must all be accepted.

Your system operator has entered your user name already and assigned you to the projects you have access to. The next step is to Login using one of the many text or image links on the site, in the footer, in the header, the upper right button etc.


After you Login you will land at the home page and see a darker bar of expanding links at the top that are the primary way to navigate the site.  There are many ways to navigate and some are automated once a group watching flow is established, but the top menu bar will always help you out of a jam.

If you are requesting a project and will be the one to work on the "back end" see the tools under "RESEARCHER TOOLS" they are in the order that most likely would use them.

If you are here to view groups that have been set up for you then you will primarily use the "PROJECTS" menu, there you will see the next level down represents the name of your overall project and only the ones you are able to view with your credentials will be visible.  You may click directly on any menu or simply hover to a deeper destination, the next level down will be the page for each group.  these are also linked from the project page and the project page may contain additional information of interest to you.  With that in mind you may want to begin by clicking directly on the project page and browsing that for a moment.

Once it is close to your group time and you have confirmation that things are on track you can enter the first group for viewing or whichever is appropriate if you are returning from an earlier session, In the beginning it is likely only one group will be visible as they are updated as they transpire, the groups move through the following stages; INACTIVE > LIVE > UPLOADING > ARCHIVE, there are other status' for back end use but those are the phases in the normal order, the links will only show up in LIVE and ARCHIVE and a status of UPLOADING will cause your page to "self-navigate" to the next LIVE group or the project main page if no group is set to LIVE.

When you enter a group page you will have the player loaded for you and you will have the chat below, to the right of the player is a large button that is used for allowing mobile devices and some computers to choose their own method of handling the video stream in the case that the embedded player does not work. We have made many updates to the embedded player and continue that mission but some devices do not support any methods for it. 

At this point you should see the player window, see and be logged into the chat window and see a pop up about every minute telling you the stream has either not yet begun or the last one will tell you it has.

If you are sure the stream has actually begun but you cannot see it contact support using the tools on the SUPPORT page. Most problems are solved by making sure log in issues are resolved ahead and by trying the TEST PAGE (log in NOT required for TEST PAGE).

If you see video but do not hear audio it is most likely in your system, speakers, volume, etc. Only in the case where NO viewer has audio but does have video is it likely the feed or stream, once sent the two are inseparable.