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FAQs about using this site

1, How Do I Begin?

A-Viewer, If You are viewing you would begin by logging in using one of the many login buttons or links, your username will most likely be FirstLast or FirstMLast with no space between, your password will that which you chose, If you did not choose a password yet you can use the Forgot Password Button on the login page, this will email you a link to set a new password based on knowing your email address used when you were entered.

A-Researcher, If you are a research company or client and want to request a project, please use the form located on the Request Project Page Under Researcher Tools, this form collects needed info and provides a place to upload the schedule document.

2, Once I am logged in how do I find my project?

A-Viewer, Under the projects link in the Navigation bar you should see all of the project pages for projects you have access to, choose the project page itself to see more details or navigate directly to the group you desire to watch.  There will be clues in the names of the group pages to help with what is live and what is not.

3, I am a researcher / client and my schedule was changed.

A-Researcher, Use the page under Researcher Tools > Add Document To ART to upload a new schedule.

4, I am a researcher / client I need to assign users to my project

A-Researcher, Use the page under Researcher Tools > Add Users, fill out this form and we will add the users to your project..

5, Browsers ???

A- This site works with most browsers, an HTML5 compatible browser is required for Video, IE is outdated and will not support HTML5 but it's newer replacement MS Edge will, Google Chrome also works as well as many others.

6, Mobile Links Used to Be on Viewer Page

A-We used to have work-around Mobile Links to use, this newest version should support any HTML5 compliant device including iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, PC, Mac, Linux etc.  This site work across all platforms as long as you are using a modern HTML5 Browser.